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I have been interested in cameras and photography since I was young. My first camera was an Argus C3 that I inherited from my grandfather as well as a Polaroid-Land camera and an 8mm movie camera. I tinkered with all of these, added another Argus C3 from an auction and made my own pin-hole camera. I eventually earned Photography Merit Badge in scouts and even dabbled in the darkroom.

Things slowed down in college but afterwards I purchased my first serious 35mm film camera, a Minolta X700 with various accessories. I took some photography classes and lots of pictures. Fast forward to today and I have evolved my passion into the digital world. I'm now a Canon shooter but the subject matter is largely the same.

I enjoy shooting nature, landscapes, wildlife, buildings and structures and people doing all sorts of interesting things. I shoot events (weddings, parties and such) and maintain a separate web-site for all of the Scout photos (Edwardsburg Scouts homepage). I hope you enjoy this site.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact me at: Rob@ShellhamerPhotography.com.


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